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Good Omen Gallery is a small collective of passionate and modern tattoo artist's. Their designs reflect the state of the art with creative and visionary concepts. Each project created in the studio tells a personal and specific story. With a warm, professional and calming ambience, the studio welcomes all to explore a different facet of tattooing.
Raphael was born in Iverness, Scottland, but grew up here in Zurich.
He worked as a confiseur, caretaker, therapist and started an art degree. He completed an apprenticeship in a big tattoo studio in Zurich and here we are. Driven by the love to create illustrations and storys he finally found his purpose in tattooing and designing!
-BOOKINGS CLOSED- Rob is traveling in 2023, he'll be back later on in the year.
My name is Rob, and together with Raphi I am the co-founder of Good Omen Gallery.
Born in a working class family, my path after school was to absolve an apprenticeship no matter what.
My dad is a tiler, so that's what I did, just like my brother. It thaught me a lot and I appreciate the benefits of it every day.
Back in school, I used to draw instead of paying attention to the teachers. I always noticed some sort of artistically talent. In addition with my love to tattoos, I quit my job and decided to start tattooing.
Francesca was born in Italy, and has always been obsessed about drawing and painting.
With 18 years, she bought her first tattoo machine. In the beginning, she tattooed her friends at their house for fun, until she realized this would become my true profession. She has been working in a lot of studios, met a lot of artists and learned all about different techniques and styles. Combining work and travelling, she decided to move to Spain and open her own studio there. But she always wanted to experience new things, and so she moved to Switzerland, a country that always welcomed me warmly.
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